“What have you been doing, You look better”
We are sure that you are looking forward to hear those words
and we can make it happen!
Now it is time to show off your white, beautiful, smooth, soft, and moisturized skin in a natural way. 
The result depends on the individual.  87%
of real user shows positive and satisfied result within 2 weeks.
* From trial of 100 women whose age are between 18-40 years old *
What is GlutaMax?
A supplementary food in capsule with nutritious ingredients consisting of high grade L-glutathione imported from Japan
and other specially selected ingredients such as Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Pine Bark extract, Zinc, and other fruit extracts such as citrus, tomato, grape seed, all of which are full of nutrition and benefits. It enhances of your skin on every day for beautiful, smooth and soft skin in a healthy way.

GlutaMax is for person with damaged skin, dark spot, dried skin, large pores,
uneven skin tone, weary skin from not getting enough rest. Moreover,
person with acne, blemish, dark spot, and acne scar is suitable for the product too.
Or anyone who wants to better take care of their skin to stay radiant, good looking, and reinforce confidence
not to mention those who want a good quality and safe supplement that can be taken regularly. It reinforces your confidence from the first time.

Safe and Trustworthy 100%
We use the best quality glutathione from Japan
which is certified by GRAS Certificate from American FDA.

All ingredients are selected from high quality natural extract.
Guarantee safety and trustworthiness. Can be taken every day safely.

Approved by Thai FDA and all process are closely controlled
by the expert pharmacist under GMP standard and Halal Thailand.

Full benefits from Specially selected ingredients

Purchased by general store
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