Vida Collagen C&E

Vida Collagen C&E
The Best Collagen Dipeptide
High vitamin C&E
Get your better skin in 2 weeks*
(depending on your skin type)

What is Vida Collagen C&E?
Vida Collagen C&E Drinkable powder supplement consisting of SOD from French Melon and blood orange extract, one of the best antioxidant and including over 11 delicately selected vitamins for enhancing the best skin from inner to outer. 
Premium tiny collagen molecules from Japan helps to smoothen, moisture, nourish, brighten, anti-acne, reduce dark spots and freckles  and protect your skin from UV sunlight. All in one solution to improve your skin.

It helps directly to your inner skin layer reducing skin inflammation and improving skin elasticity along with moisturizing, smooth, beautiful, clear, healthy looking skin, acne, freckles and dark spots reduction. Even more, it protects your skin from UV sunlight and blue light from electronic devices. Having SOD, which is a natural enzyme restraining radicals’ activity in skin cells as radicals are the cause of wrinkles, dull, rough and degeneration of the skin overtime.
Safe and Trustworthy 100%

Premium Collagen dipeptide and tiny absorbable molecules
of Collagen from Japan are used for Collagen C&E
Along with SOD substances from French melon, and blood orange extract,
one of the best antioxidants, together with 11 delicately selected vitamins.
The ingredients are focally looking after your skin from inner to outer.

Customer can trust in high quality and safety. It can be taken every day.
Certified by Thai FDA and every process is controlled by expert pharmacist
and manufactured under GMP standard.
Full benefits from Specially selected ingredients

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