Acerola Cherry Extract
Acerola Cherry is one of the best sources of Vitamin C which is 30-80 times more than orange. It also contains Phytonutrients which is an important antioxidant. It suits for woman who wants to take care of their skin for a young, radiant, and moisturized skin.

Tomato Extract
Lycopine is one of the most potent antioxidant. It increases circulation. Making skin looks lively, blushing skin, and reduces dark spot and blemish. It also protects skin from UVA and UVB. Reduce wrinkles and lines and rejuvenate dried skin to be healthy.
Grape Seed Extract
Can be absorbed into bloodstream quickly. Helps in combating free radicals. Helps skin to be lighter and helps in collagen creation process under skin. Resulting in skin becoming stronger, reduce aging process, and skin crack. It reduces enzyme which makes skin age quicker by returning skin tone to normal.
Citrus Extract
Eating orange regularly helps skin to retain clear and smooth feature in a natural way. It has antioxidant which helps combat free radicals created from toxic environment. It helps in collagen creation which is a very important composition in the skin. Making skin flexible, strong, and heal faster.
Pine Bark Extract
Pine Bark has antioxidant quality that is very effective and also support Vitamin C and E. it protects body from free radicals that accumulates in body all the time and also due to external circumstances. They are the leading cause of aging of various organs such as vascular, heart, eye, skin, and nervous system.
Pomegranate Extract
An excellent antioxidant. Effective in reducing wrinkles and lines, dark spot, and slow the creation of melanin. It stimulates the creation of new skin cells and reduce risk of disease relating to vascular and heart, cancer, nervous system, contagious disease. Pomegranate has 3 times more antioxidant comparing to green tea and wine.
Lychee Extract
Contains organic material which helps giving nutrient to skin. Has the property to reduce enzyme function and support collagen creation naturally in human body. Reduce the aging of elastin. Combat free radicals, stress, and helps skin stay moisturized and prevent wrinkles and lines.
Garcinia Extract
Helps giving nutrients, reduce appetite, and stimulate metabolism. Helps netting carb and fat from food eaten. Helps reduce extra fat in the body.
Wheat Leaf Powder
Reduce appetite. Increase digestive track, reduce tiredness and bad breath and body odor. Helps detox liver and cure skin that is damaged from sun light. Helps maintain sugar level in blood stream. Helps restore skin health and body immunity.
Aloe Vera Extract
Helps with digestion, reduce constipation. Good at healing wounds in stomach as it has antibacterial property. Help healing wounds and nurture skin to stay moisturized. Stimulate collagen  creation and make skin better absorb moisture.
Broccoli Powder
Sulforaphane found in broccoli helps liver to detox. In addition, broccoli helps reduce constipation and foster body strength and endurance for longer workout. It helps combat free radicals. Boost immune system. Nurture skin and increase skin flexibility.
Lemon Powder
Lemon helps nurture liver and helps stimulate the creation of bile. This results in overall boost of digestive system throughout the day. It helps clean the intestine and clear out all toxins left behind. It reduces flatulence and reduce the gall stone to be better secrete through urination.
Zinc Amino Chelate
Zinc is important in hormones for more than 200 types in the body. It helps body maintain their normal function, including testosterone. Testosterone is vital as cause of acne. Zinc helps balance this hormone and also the body oil under skin in normal level.
Vitamin C
An effective antioxidant. Helps with collagen creation in the body. Helps repair tissue and reduce aging which is a main cause for wrinkle and lines. It also helps boost immunity system and reduce cold symptoms and risk of cancer.
Vitamin E
An excellent antioxidant. Helps prevent oxidation in fatty substance. It can be dissolve in lipid and helps in various body functions. It works as Bronchodilator and anti-coagulation substance. Overall, slow aging process.
Coenzyme Q10
A similar substance to Vitamin that is very important in the creation of cell base energy which in turn promotes the normal function of the organ and body. It is also antioxidant and slow aging process.
An antioxidant that is naturally created by the body. However, our body crate less of them when we get older. It helps protect the health of tissue. Stimulate immunity, liver function, and helps liver in dealing with toxins. Slowing aging process and healthier skin.
Alpha Lipoic Acid
A high potency antioxidant that helps prevent aging at cellular level. Helps boost other Vitamin function. Maintain sugar blood level. Reduce inflammation and risk of heart and vascular disease. Helps liver detox and balance healthy skin. Reduce dark spot and aging process.
Collagen peptide
Collagen that is digested by acid until it arrives in smaller particle. The smaller the particle the better the absorption rate. It helps with collagen creation under skin and reduce wrinkle and lines effectively, making skin moisturized, healthy, young, soft and smooth for years to come.
Reduce sugar absorption rate from food taken. Helps balance sugar level in bloodstream for diabetes patient and helps reduce complications. Helps user to feel full and control the amount of energy the body takes. Helps with level of fat and cholesterol.
Has fiber property which helps in digestion. Reduce constipation and makes a person feels full in order to control calorie intake. Helps control the level of cholesterol and glyceride in blood.
Psyllium Husk
A plants that’s make eater to feel full. It is able to absorb sugar and fat accumulated in digestive track from enter into bloodstream. Helps control blood sugar level and cholesterol while deter Vascular disease.
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