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Glutamax&VidaCollagen 1 month


set 1 month Glutamax 30 capsules x2 (60 capsules) VidaCollagen 12 pills x5 (60 pills)

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Its time to show off your white, beautiful, smooth, soft, and moisturized skin in a natural way to everyone
around you that they ask "What have you been doing, You look better :) "
the result depends on the person. 87% of real user show positive and satisfying result in 2 weeks
 * from example of woman between 18-40 years old 100 person *
What is GlutaMax?
A supplementary food in capsule with ingredients consisting of high grade L-glutathione imported from Japan
and other specially selected ingredients such as Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Pine Bark extract, Zinc, and other fruit extracts such as citrus, tomato, grape seed, all of which are full of nutrition and benefits. Helps take care of your skin every day for beautiful smooth and soft skin in a natural way
“Vida Collagen Q10” the pinnacle of tri-peptide collagen for
" smooth, soft, beautiful, and moisturized skin in 2 weeks. "
What is Vida Collagen Q10?
Vida Collagen Q10 is a pill supplementary with main ingredients consisting of collagen tri-peptide, collagen peptides, enzyme Q10, all imported from Japan in premium quality. Along with other natural extract ingredients from fruits such as Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Zinc, Amino Chelate, Pomegranate extract, Lychee seed extract, citrus extract, acerola cherry extract, tomato extract, pine bark extract, grape seed extract, and Vitamin E for a total of more than 14 ingredients. All selected for that the beautiful woman can now have a beautiful skin from inside and out that can be visually noticed by other people.

We use the best quality glutathione from Japan which is certified by GRAS Certificate from American FDA.
All ingredients are selected from high quality natural extract. Guarantee safety and trustworthiness. Can be taken regularly every day safely.Approved by Thai FDA and all process are closely controlled by the expert pharmacist under GMP standard and Halal Thailand.
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